Medical Environmental Technologies

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San Diego’s Medical Waste Experts

For more than 20 years, MET has provided professional medical waste collection, treatment, and disposal services—working with customers like you to create custom management plans that promote innovation, compliance, and best-in-class practices. Our teamwork approach ensures that we’ll create the most optimal service plan to meet your needs. We employ a “cradle to grave” approach, using the best available technology, supporting sustainable practices, and relying on a business philosophy that focuses on unparalleled high-touch service and long-term partnerships.

A Full-Service Medical Waste Company

MET can address all your medical waste needs, since we collect, treat and dispose of the following materials:

  • Bio waste
  • Sharps (single use and reusable)
  • Pathological waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Trace and bulk chemo
  • Hazardous waste

Your Customized System

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, so we can schedule pickups on a daily, weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. Working together, we’ll design and build a waste management system around your requirements—focused on cost-effectiveness, reliability, and ongoing compliance.

Focused on San Diego

Unlike other larger medical waste management companies, MET is dedicated to San Diego—the community and environment, as well as its specific waste management issues.

After collection, all bio waste and sharps are sterilized at our El Cajon facility and disposed of at a local landfill. This all-local process reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating lengthy transportation distances—making us a much greener company.

Serving Your Best Interests

Our commitment to you is that we’ll tailor a specific compliance and disposal program that ensures:

  • Compliance
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness