Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. joins the Physician Partners Resource Center

February 28, 2018


We are excited to announce that Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. has connected with Scripps Mercy Physician Partners to bring an exclusive Managed IT Solutions offering to our members.

Every 40 seconds, a company gets hit by a ransomware. How prepared are you to recover? Eliminate the break/fix approach to your IT issues.

Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. is a San Diego-based managed IT services and support company committed to providing clients with a full spectrum of managed services to reduce the burden of day-to-day IT management. In the medical field, it is important to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions.


Services & Offerings

Edge Tech 1


Secure IT infrastructure requires more than just antivirus and a firewall. Keep your business protected and compliant.

Edge Tech 2

Systems Management

Get complete help desk support, remote monitoring, layered security options, on-site and remote services.

Edge Tech 3

Disaster Recovery

In dire situations, they specialize in getting your business back up and running quickly.

  • Server and PC management – Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. proactively updates, backs up and manages your computers / servers remotely. Every aspect of the network is closely monitored so issues can be detected ASAP.
  • IT Strategy – Their team helps you plan a strategy that makes sense within your budget, while addressing current and future technology needs.
  • Server Backup Solutions – Edge Tech Solutions, Inc.’s server backup solution uses an easy-to-deploy local appliance that provides local backup, cloud backup, file level restoration, as well as local and cloud server business continuity in the event your server hardware fails.
  • IT Support – Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. can remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address problems as they arise. When remote support isn’t enough, their engineers are available for onsite visits to evaluate the problem and initiate repairs. These services include after hours and weekends.
  • Vendor Support – Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. has plenty of experience working directly with different EHR and PM vendors. Let them be your first line of defense, and act as your liaison between you and your vendors.
  • HIPAA Compliance Support –Are you protected against cybercrime and ransomware? Edge Tech Solutions Inc. offers HIPAA Risk Analysis, IDS/IPS firewall services with logging, managed endpoint security, disaster recovery planning, offsite compliant backup and more.


For more details & information, please contact:

Ricardo Cabrera | President
(866) 643-7138 or mobile (619) 300-1095

Aviacode Offers Special Pricing on Medical Coding & Audits

November 1, 2017

Aviacode, Inc. is an industry leader in technology‐enabled medical coding and compliance/coding audit services, which have been meeting the needs of physician groups, surgery centers, hospitals, and payers for nearly 20 years. They code over seven million encounters/charts a year for clients throughout the U.S., including San Diego. Their certified coders are experienced in pro‐fee, facility, and HCC/risk adjustment coding for over 60 specialties. Using innovative technology, their proprietary workflow helps improve coding quality, reduce risk, accelerate the revenue cycle, and optimize reimbursements.

Services provided:

  • Medical Coding
  • Coding Compliance and Audit Services
  • Coding Denial Management

Save up to 20% Off Your Coding as a member of Scripps Mercy Physician Partners!

Aviacode Press Release Pricing Table

*Estimated pricing can changed based on findings during discovery call and workflow. In addition, there are implementation & interface development and remote connectivity setup & configuration fees. We offer a special offer to Scripps Mercy Physicians to absorb those costs over the full term of the agreement. Subject to terms and conditions.


What makes Aviacode different? Aviacode contractually guarantees coding service accuracy to give you peace of mind. How can they make a guarantee?

  • Certified coders – AAPC or AHIMA certified with 3+ years of experience.
  • Specialty‐focused coders – Knowledgeable coders for each specialty.
  • Technology‐enabled solution – Use of a Coding Analyzer & Rules Engine (CARE™) rules engine for code validation or other tools to seamlessly work with your charts.
  • Proprietary QA process – Routine monthly quality assurance reports by coding management.


For more details & information, please contact:

Mike Enger | National Account Executive
(801) 828-7726

Save $1,000s on your Merchant Processing by Capital Bankcard

July 14, 2015


New! Physician Partners is excited to announce – in addition to the lowest rates for merchant processing – Capital Bankcard offers Physician Partners members Visa and MasterCard rates for your American Express transactions.

How long has it been since you had a rate review? Odds are, you’re spending too much. Now is the time to take advantage of our extremely low rates – and now American Express is included. Learn how much money you can start saving immediately! We have discovered savings of $3,000 to over $10,000 per year, for practices with multiple physicians!

Need to Accept Chip Embedded Credit Cards? Mobile Payments?

EMV is real and it’s only weeks away! We have pre-negotiated hugely discounted pricing on Chip and Mobile device enabled credit & debit card terminals.

Easily Manage High Deductible Patients

Setting up automated payment arrangements with high-deductible patients is a growing concern within our medical community. Our credit card processing program enables your practice to set-up patient payment arrangements and be completely PCI, EMV, & HIPAA compliant.

No Contracts. No Hassle.

Physician Partners members gain prime access, straight to the source, bottom line pricing, without the headaches of a complicated long-term contract. Our goal is to provide the best prices and the best service, period.

To learn more please contact Veronica Posada at (619) 359-6600. veronica@partnersdocs.com

Geneva Healthcare Revolutionizes the Reading of Cardiac Device Data

January 16, 2015

Geneva Healthcare has rolled out a new platform, called the Geneva Healthcare Suite, which has drastically decreased the amount of time it takes to read important data from cardiac devices.

Geneva Healthcare is a San Diego-based company co-founded in 2011 by Physician Partners member Dr. Manish Wadhwa, with colleagues Dr. Kai Worrell and Dr. Gilanthony Ungab.

For more information about this groundbreaking software, please continue to the article below.


Local Company’s Product Speeds Vital Pacemaker Data

By Paul Sisson | January 7, 2015

Modern hospitals have high-tech scanners that can peer inside the body in seconds, yet checking out a patient’s pacemaker often takes 90 minutes or more and relies on a visit from an outside sales representative. Those are precious moments lost in the emergency room.

At a time when smartphones move data — even photos and video — more quickly than ever before, the process of gleaning information from implanted cardiac devices can be painfully slow.

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Original Post By: U-T San Diego

IBM Watson Announces New Clients, Including GenieMD

October 9, 2014

IBM Watson has announced their partnership with roughly 100 companies and nonprofit institutions, which are beginning to offer software applications using the Watson engine. Physician Resource Center partner, GenieMD, is one of those innovative companies.

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our new patient-facing health application, myQcare, powered by GenieMD. This application connects San Diego residents with one of the largest healthcare networks in San Diego – YOU! The myQcare mobile application allows patients to exclusively search through a database of Physician Partner member physicians. Patients may also track, securely store, and conveniently share their health profile right from the palm of their hand.

Learn More

For more information about the newest release concerning our partner, GenieMD, please read the article below.


IBM’s Watson Attracts Commercial Clients

By Steve Lohr | October 7, 2014

No one questions that IBM’s Watson technology is impressive. The question is: How much of a business can it become?

IBM will show off progress on that front on Wednesday when it officially opens Watson’s business home in downtown Manhattan. IBM is announcing that about 100 companies and nonprofit institutions are developing and beginning to offer software applications using the Watson engine.

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Original Post By: NY Times

athenahealth Working with Apple on New Health App

September 22, 2014

Healthcare information systems company and Physician Resource Center member, athenahealth, is teaming up with technology giant Apple Inc. to build integrations to support Apple’s recently launched health service mobile app, HealthKit.

One of the ideas behind HealthKit is that it helps health and fitness services share their information with the app and with each other. A key feature is that HealthKit users may customize the extent to which their health information is shared.

For example, someone suffering from high blood pressure may want to allow the data from a heart monitoring app to be automatically shared with his/her healthcare provider. Another example would be allowing a fitness app to share data with a nutrition app to help calculate how many calories should be consumed based on activity level.

For more information about Apple’s new HealthKit partners, please read the article below.


Cerner and Athenahealth say integrating with Apple’s mobile health service

By Christina Farr | September 8, 2014

(Reuters) – Cerner Corp and Athenahealth Inc, two leading U.S. electronic health record providers, said on Thursday they are working with Apple Inc to develop applications that leverage Apple’s mobile health service HealthKit.

Cerner and Athenahealth representatives said they are building integrations with HealthKit and working with Apple. Previously, Apple announced a partnership with rival electronic health record company Epic Systems. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

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Original Post By: Reuters