What is Chronic Care Management?

According to CMS, 2/3 of Medicare patients have 2 or more chronic conditions. In 2015, Medicare introduced a chronic care management program to reimburse physicians who create a care plan for these patients.

The chronic care management program must be provided under the general supervision of a physician, but it actually requires 20 minutes per month of non-face-to-face management of these patients. While this type of care is typically too costly to be provided by physician office staff, our partner has created a program where you can meet the criteria and be paid for chronic care management (CPT 99490).

Increase your revenue

A practice with 200 patients enrolled in the CCM program has the potential to increase revenue by up to $40,000 per year.

Enhance your practice's efficiency

Certified Medical Assistants follow your Care Plan and communicate directly with your patients, and/or their caregivers, to document progress and encourage them to stay on track between office appointments.

Extend your patient's access to care

Our partner’s patient care advocate team works with your office to develop a personalized approach to meet each patient's specific needs.

Simple & easy implementation

Little to no investment or software is needed! Our partner collects data from your existing EHR and takes care of the rest. *A certified EHR is required

Increase the viability of your practice.